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The Complete Guide to Things To Do in Ibiza, Spain

Best Things to do In Ibiza Spain

A vacation on the White Island can involve quite a few other activities, including lounging around and making funny faces in the sun. There is a wide variety of things to see and do on the island of Ibiza, ranging from bustling markets and cutting-edge galleries to fascinating historical sites and eerie caves.

The island of Ibiza is packed with exciting opportunities for vacationers. People from all over Europe come to Ibiza to get a tan, hit the clubs, and party the night away. But Ibiza is more than just its nightlife; it can be difficult to choose among the island’s many attractions in a limited amount of time.

Cala dHort Sant Josep de sa Talaia Ibiza
Cala dHort Sant Josep de sa Talaia Ibiza


Ibiza is a charming Mediterranean island with picturesque beaches, historic forts, quaint towns, and quiet coves. You can take part in any number of tours designed to introduce you to Ibiza’s most notable attractions. If you have a sense of adventure, strike out on your own. Take one of the many convenient public transportation options, rent a bike or go for a stroll; you won’t have to go very far. In this article, we’ll show you the best things to do in Ibiza, Spain and explain why it’s such a special place to visit.

The best things to do in Ibiza, Spain

1.First, go to Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila, Ibiza’s Old Town, should naturally lead off the list of top attractions. Ibiza’s “old town,” or Dalt Vila, was constructed by Charles V in the 16th century as a fortified settlement. In 1999, UNESCO designated this magnificent piece of Renaissance military architecture as part of its World Heritage List.

Within the ancient walls, artefacts from the many civilizations that have called Ibiza home over the centuries can still be found. Those fortifications were built to prevent attacks from Berber pirates and foreign armies like the French. A total of seven bastions add character and history to the fort. A powder magazine in the Santa Luca bastion dates back to the 18th century. The harbour and the historic fishing district are on full display.

The historic district is an amazing place to discover. There is a cathedral, a monastery, several museums, and charming narrow cobblestone streets lined with restaurants, cafes, and shops, all within the city’s ancient walls and castle. The more you explore the old, winding streets, the more authentic Ibiza you’ll experience, with its profusion of purple bougainvillaea, clothes hanging out to dry, residents dining al fresco on their balconies, and children playing soccer on the street.

Cala Saladeta San Antonio Abad Spain
Cala Saladeta San Antonio Abad Spain


2.Visit the Torre des Savinar.

Ibiza’s highest defence tower is the Torre des Savinar. Situated at an elevation of about 200 meters, it offers breathtaking panoramas of the island of Ibiza and the nearby islets of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell. Atlantis, also known as Sa Pedrera de Cala d’Hort, is a popular beach in Ibiza’s vicinity. About the cape it sits on, Torre de Savinar is also known as Torre de Cap des Jueu.

The tower’s primary purpose was to watch pirates approaching the Ibizan coast, hence the name Torre del Pirata. Although the construction of the tower was completed in 1756, and it was intended to house heavy artillery, its primary purpose remained that of a watchtower. Locals on Ibiza are happy to boast that no pirates have ever climbed this particular tower.

3.Come see the Cathedral of Ibiza.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows stands atop the fort within the walls of Dalt Vila (Ibiza’s Old Town). It was constructed in a Spartan, Gothic fashion, making for a stark and unadorned structure.

In the 14th century, construction began on this structure. The current Ibiza cathedral was constructed on the site of an earlier religious structure. Before the Cathedral was constructed in its current location in 1386, a Santa Maria church stood there.

Coast of Ibiza Spain
Coast of Ibiza Spain


Explore its cool interior and contemplate its alleged 1399 silver and gold gothic monstrance and 14th and 15th-century gothic panel paintings. Amazing sea vistas can be seen from here. When making your way through the Old Town, be prepared to climb some stairs up to the Cathedral. There are many things to do in Ibiza, but this one may be out of reach for people with mobility issues.

4.Travel to Es Vedra

Located in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, the islet of Es Vedrà is a massive rock pyramid that overlooks Cala d’Hort in the island’s southwestern corner. Due to the rock’s high ecological value is protected as a nature reserve within the Parc de Cala d’Hort I Es Vedrà.

Numerous species of birds and reptiles make their home on the islet. The pitiusa lizard is a unique endemic subspecies of a larger and different-coloured species. Birds of prey and seabirds use Es Vedra as an important breeding ground. One of the best things to do in Ibiza if you’re into nature is to check out the island’s unique flora, including many species of plants that can only be found on the island.

FORMENTERA  4K, balearic islands (Spain)  DJI Phantom 3 professional drone

The massive size (382 meters above sea level) and distinctive pyramidal shape of Es Vedra are part of its allure. Several locations on Ibiza, Formentera, and the mainland Iberian Peninsula offer excellent views of it.

The islet is easily accessible by car or taxi from the nearest city. Once you arrive, find a comfortable vantage point on the cliffs to take in the rock and the vast sea stretching to the horizon. If you’re patient enough, you can even wait for the sun to set and paint the sea and sky with its crimson and orange rays.

5.Travel to San Antonio

Ibiza’s San Antonio district is found on the island’s western coast, directly above San Antonio Bay. It is the island’s second-largest city, and like Ibiza town, it offers the ideal combination of beautiful sandy beaches and famous clubs all in one place.

Formentera Spain
Formentera Spain


During the day, tens of thousands of tourists can be seen massing on the city’s slender beaches that overlook the azure waters of the Mediterranean or taking leisurely strolls along the promenade that runs along the bay. The quaint cafes and restaurants lined up along the promenade are the best places to take in the view of the bay and the many luxury yachts bobbing on the water.

Stop by the illustrious Cafe del Mar, which has been operating for more than twenty years, before the night is over, and you get ready to head out to the clubs. There are also many clubs to choose from, although the superclubs Es Paradis and Eden continue to be the most well known.

Make an effort to find some time to travel outside the city and visit the cave of Cap Blanc, formerly used as a lobster nursery and has since been transformed into an aquarium. The cave paintings found in La Cova de Ses Fontanelles in 1917 are the reason for the attraction of many visitors. The cave was formerly used as a wine cellar; the walls still bear traces of the Punic culture that originally inhabited the area. Taking a trip here is one of the best things to do in Ibiza, Spain.

6.See what you can find at Punta d’es Moscarter.

Walk to the island’s northern tip to see how it looked before tourists flooded in. You’ll travel past fragrant pine forests, quaint farmlands, and a wild coastline dotted with secluded holiday enclaves. The famous Punta d’es Moscarter lighthouse can be reached by following the path along the clifftop from Portinatx. The Faro d’es Moscarter tower, with its distinctive horizontal stripes, stands 52 meters tall and is the tallest building on the island.

Ibiza Cala Saladeta
Ibiza Cala Saladeta


Though the hike through the juniper and pine bushes can be difficult, the view and photos you can take from the cliffs are well worth the effort among the top vacation activities in Ibiza.

7.Please stop by the Archaeological Museum of Ibiza and Formentera.

If the Old Town of Ibiza piques your interest, a trip to the archaeological museum is a must. Here you can delve deeper into the island’s history and discover more of its many mysteries.

Ibiza Spain2

The artefacts on display at the Archaeological Museum were originally the finds from numerous digs conducted by the Ebusitan Archaeological Society on the islands of Ibiza and Formentera. The Roman family donated more artefacts from the sanctuaries of Portmany, Ses Torres, Illa Plana, and Es Culleram in 1913, greatly expanding the museum’s original collection. Three thousand years of Ibiza’s past are covered, from the time of the first settlers to the Catalan conquest in 1235.

8.Enjoy local delicacies

Because there are so many fantastic restaurants in Ibiza, you will need to do some of your own research before deciding where to eat. Just a few of the things that should not be missed are listed here:

  • Calma is the best restaurant in town if you’re looking for fantastic views, authentic Ibizan cuisine, and a wonderful ambience. It is located in the port of Ibiza, right on the edge of the water, and it is open from the wee hours of the morning (when it serves the local breakfast) until late at night (when it serves dinner).
  • Mar a Vila is a well-known hangout for Ibiza’s natives and visitors alike, and it is known for its delectable island cuisine. It is almost always a good sign to observe that a restaurant is packed with people from the surrounding community. Because this is not a hole-in-the-wall establishment, the food is fantastic, and it is featured in the Michelin Guide, you should be prepared to experience some genuine culinary delights.
  • At Yemanja, a genuine beach restaurant, you can eat with the sand beneath your feet while you’re there. The food is authentic Spanish cuisine, the cocktails are served ice cold, and the ambience cannot be topped.

Ibiza Spain3

9.Spend some time relaxing on Talamanca Beach.

Talamanca, the most well-known and aesthetically pleasing beach in Ibiza Town, is only a 15-minute stroll away. It’s perfect in length and width, and the perfect white sand makes it a popular destination for both locals and visitors. During the busiest times of the year, its size ensures that visitors will never experience a lack of space.

Sa Caleta Ibiza
Sa Caleta


The absence of huge hotels that dominate the skyline provides a peaceful atmosphere. The turquoise water is warm and shallow, making it ideal for swimming, snorkelling, and lounging on the beach. The shallow, sheltered waters of this beach are ideal for little ones. Small hills topped with centuries-old pine trees surround Talamanca. Cap Martinet, a small vacation town, is not far away. If you’re looking for a must-see attraction in Ibiza, you should make a trip to Talamanca.

10.Hippy markets

Ibiza is famous for its hippy markets, which can make for a colourful and enjoyable day or evening. Visitors can shop for trinkets, have a meal, and watch or listen to live music at these markets. The Las Dalias night market is a wonderful place to go shopping and is open from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays from June through September, as well as on Sundays during August.

Ibiza Spain4

During the months of June, July, and August, the Punta Arabi Hippie Market is held every Wednesday beginning at 10 a.m. It is the island’s oldest and largest of its kind. This market not only has excellent food, excellent shopping, and lots of live music and other acts, but it also has a designated area for children, in which the children can have their faces painted or make their own souvenirs or T-shirt using recycled craft materials. Other attractions at this market include a lot of live music.


Because there is such a wide variety of things to do in Ibiza, you will need at least a week to even begin to get a sense of what the island offers.

Ibiza is a delightful place, and you will have a good time there whether you spend your time exploring local ruins and charming coastal villages or going out partying every night until dawn. Ibiza is a little piece of paradise because it has a sea the colour of turquoise, long beaches covered in white sand, narrow streets made of cobblestones covered in purple vines, fabulous food, and happy people.

FAQ About Ibiza,Spain:

What is Ibiza best known for?

Ibiza is well known for its nightlife and electronic dance music club scene in the summer, which attract large numbers of tourists. The island’s government and the Spanish Tourist Office have worked toward promoting more family-oriented tourism. Ibiza is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Why did Ibiza become popular?

Ibiza became famous for its hippie movement and later for young tourism and clubbing, becoming the party capital of Europe. Tourists have been drawn to Ibiza because of its beautiful beaches and pleasant climate.

What is the main industry in Ibiza?

The tourism sector is by far the biggest industry on Ibiza and the surrounding Balearic Islands.

Is Ibiza worth visiting?

If You’re Over The Party Scene, Ibiza Is Still Absolutely Worth Visiting. There’s a ton of culture, history, and scenic beauty that make Ibiza extremely vacation-worthy, even if you’re not a huge partier. You def won’t be forced to party your ass off if that’s not your thing, because there is plenty else to enjoy here.

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