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Is It Expensive To Visit Greenland?

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Summary. This article looks at the cost of visiting Greenland for both budget travelers and luxury travelers. It found that most of the things to see, such as the glaciers, icebergs, and the northern lights, will not cost a lot, but transportation can be expensive. Rental cars are available in Greenland, as well as boat tours, which can all be tailored to fit any budget. Accommodations can also range from budget-friendly options to more luxurious experiences. Overall, the article concludes that Greenland can be relatively affordable for tourists to visit.

Are you dreaming of visiting the world’s largest island? Have you ever looked up the majestic sights of Greenland online and thought to yourself, “Is it really worth travelling all those miles and spending my hard-earned money on seeing this place?” Well, if you are looking to explore the raw, untamed beauty of Greenland, but cost is a factor, you have come to the right place. Today, we’re going to give you an honest and thorough answer to the delicate question: Is it expensive to visit Greenland? Let’s explore the potential costs of visiting this remote island and help you shape a budget for your once-in-a-lifetime trip!Traveling to Greenland is definitely one of the most expensive trips you could take.

Don’t despair, though! There are ways to keep your budget in check and make your visit to the majestic land of ice a reality. To do that, let’s examine the costs of some of the necessary elements of your trip. Accommodation is usually a traveler’s biggest expense and Greenland is no exception. Depending on where you stay, accommodations in Greenland can cost anywhere between $50/night for a simple guest house to $1000/night for luxurious hotels.

Another factor to consider is the cost of transportation. Taking a plane to Greenland could cost you at least a couple of thousand dollars and the cost of getting around the island can add up quickly too. Buses are generally the cheapest way to get around, but prices vary greatly depending on where you need to go. Taxis, meanwhile, may be more expensive but offer more comfort and convenience.

Is It Expensive To Visit Greenland?

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The cost of traveling to Greenland is a frequent concern for many individuals. The terse response to this question is: it depends! Depending on your travel arrangements, there may be some surprisingly inexpensive options to see this far-flung, stunning nation. You need to think about how you want to get there first and foremost. One of the least visited locations in the world is Greenland. Flights to the nation are thus not precisely inexpensive.

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However, you can take the ferry if you’re feeling intrepid. From Denmark to Greenland, there are two reasonably priced boats. A great method to go to the nation is to take the enormous boat that travels between Scotland, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland. The ferry costs around $100. Once you’re there, Greenland has a range of prices. You have a variety of affordable lodging options, such as camping and Airbnb.

Additionally, if you are traveling from outside of Greenland, activities and tours can be quite pricey. But because Greenland is so unpopulated, you can also engage in a lot of free activities like hiking and nature exploration. When it comes down to it, a trip to Greenland may be quite reasonably priced. You merely need to decide the trip experiences you desire, then set aside money for them. Your trip to this Arctic treasure may be pretty reasonably priced with a little preparation and forethought.

What Is The Nicest Month In Greenland?


With its breathtaking beauty, intriguing history, and many possibilities for adventure, Greenland is an exceptionally fascinating location, so it should come as no surprise that the nation is becoming more and more well-liked among travelers. But one of the most crucial inquiries to make when planning a trip to Greenland is: Which month is the best? This question’s response is greatly influenced by the sort of experience you’re seeking. If you want to see Greenland’s traditional beauty, schedule your trip for June or July when the weather is moderate and the days are long—during these months, it’s not uncommon for daylight to stretch up to 24 hours.

At this time, wildflowers are in full bloom, the seaside is bustling with activity, and the land is illuminated by the mysterious light of the midnight sun. All things considered, it should be understood that visiting Greenland is an expensive option. However, you can find reasonable deals if you give your trip enough thought and reserve your accommodations in advance.

No matter when you decide to go there, you can expect to encounter some of the most spectacular natural beauty, animals, and cultural experiences. The best time of year to visit Greenland depends on your specific interests and the sort of experience you want to have there. Greenland is undoubtedly one of the world’s most unusual destinations.

Price Of Accommodation In Greenland

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Despite being the largest island in the world, Greenland is still one of the least visited nations in the world. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that Greenland’s largest industry is not tourism. But that doesn’t mean that traveling there has to be expensive! Considering that Greenland is a far-flung northern nation, lodging may be surprisingly inexpensive. So, if you’re considering an adventurous vacation and wondering whether visiting Greenland will break the bank, read on.

In Greenland, lodging options vary from modest hostels with the essentials to opulent four-star hotels with all the bells and whistles. Accordingly, prices vary, but the overall cost depends on the season you visit and what you’re looking for. For instance, a hostel room in Kangerlussuaq will cost you around 400 DKK (about $60) each night as of June 202 However, if you choose to stay in a four-star hotel in Nuuk, you should plan to fork over more like 1000 DKK (or $150) per night.

You don’t even need to bring all your own equipment across the globe since there are many lovely and peaceful camping areas in the nation, and you can get camping supplies at the neighborhood sports goods shops. ‘Holiday cottages’ are an intriguing choice to take into account for tourists on a budget. Two opulent, previously unseen vacation homes provide the ideal launching pad for exploring the lovely Northwest of Greenland.

For instance, Aappilattoq Lodge offers elegant, spacious tents with large beds and all the facilities you might need for a wilderness camping trip, all at a far lower cost. Overall, the cost of lodging in Greenland varies depending on the type of lodging you select and the time of year you visit, but with a little research, you can undoubtedly cut costs, stay comfortably, and take in the beauty of the country without going overboard.

Greenland Food And Drinks On A Budget

Do you want to know how much it would cost to go to Greenland? If so, we can understand as it might be hard to envision any kind of inexpensive travel to a place that is so out of the ordinary. But do not worry; there are many ways to enjoy a trip to Greenland while making wise financial decisions. Perhaps one of the most expensive expenses for travelers is food and drink. Fortunately, there are some excellent ways to experience the local cuisine and beverages in Greenland on a shoestring budget. Start out by using the local food.

Don’t forget to browse the neighborhood markets as well; they’re stocked with delectable, inexpensive local food. Explore what’s on offer in the bars and restaurants; there are frequently reasonably priced options that can be a delicious mid-afternoon snack or evening meal. Additionally, you can frequently find delicious snacks at cafés for a lot less money than you would pay for a full meal at a restaurant. There are many of reasonably priced drinks to pick from if you feel like trying out classic beverages. Try some of the regional beers, such Aapsnipsu, a beer brewed with bog myrtle and hops.

Overall, there are many affordable options for enjoying Greenlandic food and beverages. Visitors to Greenland may taste inexpensive traditional meals that are gluten-free thanks to the region’s fresh food, markets, taverns, and restaurants. So don’t worry about having to exert too much effort to take advantage of the wonderful culinary options available in the nation. Without breaking the money, you may definitely sample the native food and beverages.

Greenland Transport On A Budget


The answer to the question “Is It Expensive To Visit Greenland?” is no, it isn’t necessary to be expensive. Despite being in the Arctic circle, Greenland has many low-cost transportation options, including bicycling through the coastal towns, hitchhiking on fishing boats, and even the occasional low-cost flight. Greenland is completely achievable for travelers on a tight budget who want to tour the biggest island in the world. There are several accessible and environmentally friendly methods to go throughout the isolated nation, from the capital city Nuuk in the south to Ilulissat in the north.

While there are regular boat trips available, fishing boats often offer the best value because they can accommodate passengers for just a few dollars per day. Find out about boats going in the direction you want to explore by asking at nearby ports. Another excellent approach to see the whole nation without going over budget is to rent a vehicle. There are a few places in Greenland where you may hire 4-wheel drive cars, albeit the selection is small.

Renting a bicycle can be a good option for those wishing to explore the southern and eastern shores on two wheels. It’s an excellent opportunity to save costs, get in some excellent exercise, and see the island’s many coastline communities. Public buses are another reasonable alternative for getting around cities and towns.

How Much Spending Money Per Day In Greenland?

It might be costly to go to Greenland, so you might be thinking how much spending money you’ll need each day to enjoy yourself. Prior to anything else, think about the kind of traveler you are and the kinds of experiences you want to have. Do you want to experience ice cave exploration, helicopter excursions, and fine dining, or would you rather stay in hostels, travel by foot or bike, and prefer picnics to sit-down meals?You can better comprehend and estimate your daily expenditure if you are aware of the precise activities you have scheduled. In general, tourists visiting Greenland should anticipate paying prices for food, travel, and housing that are similar to those in western European nations.

But keep in mind that your actual daily spending will depend on the kind of lodging you consider, how you get around, where you eat, and how many activities you choose to participate in. Consider creating a daily budget and eating more meals at home or at less costly places to prevent overspending. Search for off-peak specials on both activities and lodging as a fantastic way to save money. In Greenland, there are many unique locations to stay.

Depending on the season, there are choices for both wild camping and camping in designated areas. There is something for everyone in Greenland, regardless of the kind of holiday you have in mind. Just keep in mind that if you budget sensibly and plan wisely, you can have an incredible adventure in Greenland without going broke.

Facts And Currency In Greenland


Do you have second thoughts about booking a vacation to Greenland? When estimating the cost of a trip to Greenland, one factor you should take into account is the local currency. You should learn about the Greenlandic money, how to use it, and what to anticipate in terms of costs before making trip arrangements. The Danish krone is the official money of Greenland. This indicates that, although being a distinct nation, Greenland uses the same currency as Denmark.

This money is accepted everywhere in Greenland, including popular tourist destinations and remote rural areas. Most businesses in Greenland accept Danish kroner in cash, however you could also find pricing or payments specified in euros. In Greenland, there will be a charge for using foreign currencies like euros or dollars. It is also advisable that you tell your bank or credit card provider that you will be using your credit or debit card in Greenland before traveling there.

Many stores and tourist destinations in Greenland accept credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Dankort if you want a more practical and economical way to make purchases. Make sure to check the specific websites of the places you intend to go to or eat in order to make sure they accept the payment method you intend to use. Consider converting your money into Danish kroner either at home or through a Greenland agency for a more affordable vacation. These exchange bureaus are located in several of the bigger cities, like Sisimiut and Nuuk, and they provide the best exchange rates.

The End Of The Journey

Have you ever thought about visiting Greenland? It’s a relatively untouched and mysterious country that can offer some of the most amazing sights in the world. But is it expensive to visit? Let’s explore and find out! Greenland is certainly unique, with hot springs, glaciers, and the second largest ice sheet in the world. It also contains an abundance of wildlife to observe, such as the majestic polar bear, reindeer, and muskox. So, what does a trip to this breathtaking destination cost? In reality, it can be surprisingly affordable to visit Greenland.

You can also take cruises from Europe to Greenland, and with the large tourist population, many companies will offer discounted packages and deals. Once you’ve arrived, it can be much less costly than you might anticipate. You can find comfortable, clean lodging at a great price or even go camping or stay with a family. Local specialties like dried fish, caribou, and sheep are also served for surprisingly low prices.

Many people also avoid visiting Greenland because they think the cold climate will require a significant amount of gear to be purchased before you even arrive. The truth is that you can often rent all the necessary gear right on site, rather than having to bring it with you. Do some research online and you can find lots of amazing activities to do while in Greenland, and many of them are free or very low cost.

Plus, Greenland is a great option for a “bucket list” item since it offers the chance to explore a region that is still largely unexplored and untouched. There’s really no better way to experience such beautiful and unexplored terrain. So, as you can see, is it expensive to visit Greenland? Not at all! With careful planning, you can have a fantastic and affordable visit to this mysterious and captivating destination. Have you ever dreamed of visiting Greenland? What types of activities and sights are you most interested in exploring?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Greenland good for tourists?

It offers stunning views of the Arctic tundra, glaciers, and fjords, and the chance to experience the culture of the indigenous Inuit people. Outdoor activities like dog sledding, snowmobiling, and fishing are popular, and there are plenty of options for sightseeing and wildlife watching.

Is Greenland expensive travel?

Airfares to Greenland can be expensive, and accommodation and food can also be pricey. However, there are plenty of budget-friendly options, such as camping or staying in hostels, that can help keep costs down.

Is Iceland or Greenland better to visit?

Iceland is known for its unique landscape and its many attractions, such as the Blue Lagoon, the Northern Lights, and the Golden Circle. Greenland is known for its natural beauty, with its stunning glaciers, fjords, and icebergs. Both countries offer a unique experience and it is difficult to decide which is better to visit.

Why is it so expensive to fly to Greenland?

Flights to Greenland often require multiple stops, and the cost of fuel is higher due to the long distance and cold temperatures. The cost of operating the airports in Greenland is also higher due to the harsh weather conditions and the need for specialized equipment and personnel.

What is the most visited place in Greenland?

Nuuk is home to the Greenlandic Parliament, the National Museum, and many other attractions. It is also a popular destination for adventure tourists, offering a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, and hiking.

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